Mileage Reimbursement

Mileage Reimbursement: If you get hurt at work and must travel significant miles to your doctor’s appointments, then you should consider asking the workers compensation adjustor to reimburse you for your gas. The best practice is to request mileage reimbursement every 3-6 months, but definitely within one year of the treatment. If you wait over a year, you will likely not get reimbursed. Note: The law does not provide reimbursement for trips to the pharmacy.
How much should the adjustor pay per mile? For treatment anytime from July 2018 – June 2019, the rate is $.54 per mile according to the Utah Labor Commission Quick Reference Guide.
What documentation is required? Simply a list or a spreadsheet with rows and columns showing (1) Date of service, (2) Provider/Clinic, (3) Home address, (4) Provider address, (5) Purpose (i.e., “review MRI results” or “physical therapy”), and (6) Round-trip miles.
How do you calculate the miles? I typically use Googlemaps or Mapquest and then double the miles to get the round-trip mileage.
If you want to read the specific law on this topic, here is the link to Utah Rule 612-300-8. The adjustor will likely be very impressed if you begin your request by saying, “Under Utah Rule 612-300-8, I request reimbursement for following mileage . . .”
As always, keep proof of your request to the adjustor. If the adjustor ignores your well-documented request, re-send the request and again keep proof of your efforts. Then, once your patience runs out, one option you have is to file an online complaint with the Utah Insurance Department and provide your documentation showing all the times you have submitted the request but the adjustor is still refusing to respond. Here’s the link to the Utah Insurance Department page on Complaints.
Lastly, if you must travel far to obtain necessary treatment (or attend an exam with an insurance company doctor), the adjustor should pay for lodging and meals, along with mileage. The lodging and meal allowance rates are updated each year on the Quick Reference Guide on the Labor Commission – Industrial Accidents Division website.
If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Tim Daniels Law Services for assistance.

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